Want To Be The "Trusted Authority" in your Community for Paediatric Chiropractic Care?

‘Dorte delivers a lot of great information in a collaborative and inspirational way.  No BS or holding back. A rare gift!’

Dr. Cheryl Wayworth
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“Switched-on Kids" Seminar
What You'll Learn: 
- The top 5 must-do Tests & Adjustments for Babies & Children!

- The 7 primitive and postural reflexes every DC needs to know!

- The Best Ways explain Chiropractic and engage parents in Their Childs care for better compliance & retention!

- the latest strategies to BUILD and GROW your family practice!  
The Three Pillars of Switched-on Kids:


Learn the principles for checking,
adjusting and monitoring the little people in your practice – not as the chiro who sees only paediatric patients – rather as the chiro who cares for kids in a family practice.  Gain essential tools to provide gentle and best-practice techniques for newborns to teens.


You will be confident and have absolute certainty about your care for kids on Monday morning.  This is a hands-on practical workshop, incorporating specially designed accelerated learning techniques, which will help you integrate and implement Assessments, Adjustments and Advice for children as quickly as possible.


You will get the essential, must-know information and techniques to have the biggest positive impact on the health of our future generations in the shortest space of both learning and adjustment time.  This will help fill your practice with families with littlies, laughter and love.

As we get more confident running our chiropractic practice, it is easy to fall into a bit of a routine. This is fine, except that sometimes we tend to cut corners. And if someone unusual presents, this becomes a problem. We don’t have the time or energy to think or do something different. We can’t remember what we learnt all those years ago, or maybe we never had the chance to learn how to check and adjust a child in the first place. So we just reach for the activator and “click-click-click”… and hope for the best.
Is that BEST PRACTICE? Is that what our young people deserve? Is that what AHPRA recommends?

At ‘Switched-on Kids - Next Generation’ (SNG) you will learn the 5 fundamental tests, adjustments and supportive advice for each age group: baby, toddler, and child. This will provide you with certainty in your chiropractic care for kids as well as parents’ confidence in your capabilities

In a family chiropractic practice, you need to have:
  • Hands-on skills to provide optimum chiropractic care for people of all ages. 19% of the Australian population is under 15 years old and you need to know what to do, why to do it and when to do it 
  • The skills to become the “Go-To” practice in your area by being the “Trusted Authority” in your community
  • Systems and procedures around children that integrate easily into your practice
  • The ability to give families above and beyond what they expect to foster long-term wellness relationships.
  • DCs who want to make an impact in the health and development of kids
  • Chiros who want to IMPROVE and UPDATE their knowledge and skills when it comes to chiro care for kids
  • Chiropractors who want to practice within the current BEST PRACTICE guidelines
  • Students and recent grads who never had the opportunity to learn to assess and adjust children 
  • Chiropractors who don’t want to care for FAMILIES in their community
  • Chiros who don’t want to learn more about chiropractic for kids
  • DCs who feel they know everything about kids
  • Chiros who don’t want to affect the future of our kids 
Kids Chiropractic Learning

There are lots of chiropractic paediatric courses out there, and they are all excellent!  The biggest problem for chiropractors is TIME.  Most of these courses require many hours of travelling and studying, which takes significant commitment and time away from your family, friends and practice.  Many of them are very theoretical and detail-oriented.  Some require you to learn at your own pace in front of a computer or on-line – which we never get around to, despite our best intentions.

Here is WHY ‘Switched-on Kids – Next Generation” (SNG) is perfect for those of you who:

  •  Are busy and don't have time to complete countless hours of course material and homework
  •  Want to upgrade your skills to provide optimum care for kids without getting bogged down in the details 
  •  Want to learn more about caring for kids in a practical way, and want to know WHY you are doing what you're doing
  •  Want the must-know, health regulation board requirements for assessing and providing the optimal chiropractic care and supportive advice to maximise results and exceed parents’ expectation

It’s TIME to do something NEW!

What “Switched-on Kids – Next Generation” will cover 

-     The top 5 must-do’s for babies, toddlers and children in each of the following categories:

•     Assessments

•     Adjustments

•     Advice (to support your care)

-     The significant 7 primitive and postural reflexes for babies, toddlers and children

-     The brain-body connection and the link to child development

-     How to explain Chiropractic and engage parents in your care

-     How to communicate with and stimulate referrals from professionals in your community

No heavy-duty theory, no homework, no non-essential time away for family and friends and no passive staring into a computer screen

·       Improve professionalism

·       Improve confidence

·       Improve efficiency

·       Increase internal referrals

·       Increase fun and variety in practice

Switched - On Kids - Next - Generation (SNG) is presented in a fun, no fuss, hands-on, logical and user-friendly manner by a passionate kids’ chiropractor.  Dr. Dorte Bladt firmly believes in chiropractic care for ALL children, not from a chiro paediatric specialist, but from the family chiropractor.  The Family Chiropractor needs to know the essential basics of chiro care for children: why, when and how to adjust and when to ask for help.  SNG gives you this understanding and certainty.

Register now for this exclusive WORKSHOP that will not only give you the essential skills to become a TRUSTED Family Chiropractic AUTHORITY in your community but will also teach you the latest strategies to BUILD and GROW your family practice!  

This program has been assessed by the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia (National) Ltd, a body recognized by the Chiropractic Board of Australia, and allocated 12.5 Formal Learning Activity Hours.

Switched On Kids - Next Generation is designed as a Hands-On Workshop, which limits the number of attendees.  REGISTER now below before it sells out.

What People Are Saying: 

‘This is essential for anyone wanting to work
with kids!  Your passion is evident and Thank You for having a bigger vision for our profession and encouraging us to do the same!

Dr. Jelena Rudic

‘Dorte delivers a lot of great information
in a collaborative and inspirational way.  No BS or holding back.  Dorte has a wonderful ability to bring people together without compromising individual thought processes.  A rare gift!’

Dr. Cheryl Wayworth

‘A fantastic way to be empowered and
inspired in helping kids live their best life’

Dr. Allison French

‘Dorte’s enthusiasm, the hands-on format
and the logical lay out of information makes this is a must-do seminar if you see children’

Dr. Mikaela Manning

‘Great seminar:  Dorte’ communication is very down to earth and it has great practical elements to start implementing on Monday’

Dr. Andrew Broughan

‘Dorte’s enthusiasm, belief and passion are
absolutely infectious and inspiring.  I learnt excellent skills and understanding in chiropractic care for children’

Dr Nina Hollingsworth
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